is of course, a Silly site for now to possible Show Trees either "Found" Gone Wild or Left "unattended" and GONE WILD! I will attempt to Show Before and After Pictures as they are "Tamed"?

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redwoodb4.JPG  redwoodafter.JPG
Dawn Redwood "GONE WILD"!!!      Someone "GONE WILD"  them!
                                 "Indoor"  "Collecting" "TRIP"
These Dawn Redwood were "left" "unattended" and grew right into
the ground in the poly house! I had to SAWZALL them out! Ouch!!!
bushydawn.JPG   dawnrwfafter.JPG
These Grew Back by mid May, BUT-  of course they could not stay that "Wild"... 

more to come...

shimpakubefore.JPG  shimakuafter.JPG
Shimpaku Stock "Gone Wild"!         Shimpaku Raft "After"& "still" Wild!
   JBP "Gone WILD"                       JBP -Got "Mashed" up! Run over?


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